Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Very easy

Celebrate Christmas Eve at Tankavaara Gold Village with a magnificent buffet feast!

The traditional Finnish Christmas buffet is served 19:00-21:00 and includes Santa Claus visit and a small gift.

These and many more are on the menu:

  • selection of fresh green salads
  • traditional beetroot salad & sour cream
  • smoked trout
  • cold-smoked salmon & mustard sauce
  • salted salmon & whitefish
  • reindeer liverpat√© & blackcurrant jelly
  • selection of traditional Finnish Christmas breads

Main Course:

  • traditional Finnish carrot, swede and potato casseroles
  • Christmas ham with mustard coating
  • vegetable steaks
  • elk meat
  • honey-mustard
  • apples in red wine
  • plums with Jaloviina


  • selection of cheese
  • Christmas pastries
  • chocolates & sweets
  • fruits
  • Gingerbread & white chocolate quark
  • coffee, tea, water & hot juice

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